Dear Rams families,

We hope this email finds you all well and are eager to share with you some exciting news for our club and all of our families. As of tryouts this June, we are partnering with the Braintree based club, Commonwealth FC.

As an organization we have come to a point where for whatever reason, we are just not seeing the numbers at the younger age levels to sustain the club for the long haul and continue to feed our program as is. This is important to us. Also of utmost importance to us is continuing to provide the same experience for our current players at all age groups.

After a lot of thought and consideration about how to achieve all of this and be able to provide the same level of quality coaching, better facilities, etc, we decided a partnership was the way to go. That being said, after talking to a few local clubs, we have decided that Commonwealth FC was the best option for our families as their mission aligns with what ours has always been.

The benefits that come with the partnership are many, but here are just a few:

* We are confident that we will now be able to field teams at each age group in both our boys and girls sections.

* Our coaching staff will primarily remain the same.

* Our facilities will improve dramatically. We will now have access to 2 Braintree HS turf fields (one with lights, the other will use our lights from the ICC), many grass fields that are all in much better condition than the ICC, indoor gyms at Braintree HS and Thayer academy and the Bay State soccer indoor facility for our younger age groups.

* Our teams will, for the most part stay in tact.

* As a combined club, we are already are working on partnerships with local towns youth groups that will now provide us with a pipeline of youth players to better sustain our teams’ integrity and improve quality. More information on this will be released soon.

* Our facilities will improve. We understand that the change in location will affect some of our families. Please know that we didn’t take this lightly when considering this partnership but the overall benefits to our club as a whole was simply too good. We sincerely hope that our families who have played with the Rams will stay with us to be able to reap the benefits that this merger will bring, even if it means driving a little further for training.

* There will also be a price reduction in the registration fee that will also be released soon.

Working together with Gary Burke we are excited to improve on our level of communication, our web site and we are dedicated to keeping a small, family club atmosphere where development of players remains the number one priority.

The new club, Commonwealth FC, will continue to compete in the NSL. The NSL has been making strides to better competition with their partnership with US club soccer and the introduction of competition with other states. We believe this is going to continue to be a strong league that remains fairly close to home.

We will announce coaching assignments, tryout dates and tryout locations along with a public announcement soon. As we field questions, we’ll continue to upload them on our web site and FB page to help keep you all informed as much as possible.

Thank you so much for being a part of our Rams family, we appreciate your loyalty and ask for your patience as we work through the execution of the partnership. As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to call or email.

Yours in soccer

Mike Madden